Style My Outfit with a Fascinators uk

When you have a fancy occasion to attend, a fascinator is the must-have accessory. With a name that originates from the English verb “to fascinate” meaning to “attract strong attention and interest”, there really is no other choice when you’re looking to make an impression at an event or party.

A lightweight, ornamental headpiece, fascinators are simply held in place by an alice band, clip or comb, making them the ideal accessory for all hair types, and compatible with both up and down hairstyles.

A comb style fascinator simply slides into the hair to be held in place, a fascinator with a clip is perfect for adding to buns and other updos, and an alice band style works best with hair that has been left loose, either straight or in curls.

Although fascinators are traditionally worn on the side of the head, some styles look great when added to the back of the head to a half up and half down hairstyle. This is a great choice if you are looking for a subtler way to wear a fascinator, without making it the main focus of your outfit.

Often created using beads, feathers or flowers, fascinators are a practical alternative to a hat as they will complement, rather than flatten, your hairstyle, which has made them a popular choice at weddings, formal events, and days at the races.

Available in a whole range of colours, there is sure to be a fascinator to suit your requirements. Pink, green, and blue are all great choices for spring or summer occasions, whereas black, brown, and grey fascinators may be more suited to winter events. Or, if you are looking for a bright and fun look, perhaps an orange fascinator would be the best choice for you.

Hat style fascinators are a popular choice as they can look a little more formal than more elaborate pieces, whereas smaller fascinators are ideal for those purely looking to complement their outfit.

A fascinator in the shape of a flower is perfect for parties and events held outside, especially when paired with a floral dress, and those which feature net detail give the accessory a vintage look.

It is possible to find all types of fascinator adorned with feathers or beads, so you are sure to find one which combines all of your favourite features.

Fascinators can also make a lovely bridal accessory for those who would like something different to a veil or tiara. Elegant and glamourous, an ivory fascinator is guaranteed to be a gorgeous addition to your wedding dress, and is very easy to put on yourself without the need for a hairdresser or team of flustered bridesmaids.

So, whether you are looking to make a big statement with your fascinator, or searching for one to complete your outfit, this fashion accessory is one that is easy to wear, eye-catching, and suitable for a whole range of occasions.