Style My Outfit with Hair Flowers uk

Hair flowers, as part of flower crowns in particular, have been used to accessorise hairstyles for many years, and originated in ancient Greece when they wear worn to honour the Gods, especially during special occasions.

More recently, wearing flowers in the hair has been associated with the 1960s and hippie culture, with the flowers symbolising peace and love during this time, and making this type of hair accessory a mainstream trend.

These days, flower crowns or headdresses are a popular choice with those going to festivals, as they add a fun and feminine touch to any outfit, which is often required when spending days camping in what are often muddy fields.

Also a favourite with brides for themselves, or their bridesmaids, flower crowns beautifully complement all types of hair, including straight, curly, up and down styles, making them a great choice for bridal parties.

Flower hair scrunchies are ideal if you want to add a pretty accessory to your bun or ponytail with minimum effort. Simply pull your hair back and fasten with a hair tie adorned with flowers for instant style and a pop of colour.

There are plenty of hair flower designs to choose from, including those with glitter detail, beads, crystals, and even some created in on-trend animal prints, so you are sure to find one that perfectly matches your tastes and favourite outfits.

To easily add flowers to your hair, try using hair clips or slides which have either one, or a number, of flowers attached. These can be used to pull hair back from your face, and to hold loose hairs in place too, so they are just as practical as they are stylish.

Flower hair slides are also ideal if you want to simply pin some flowers into an updo, especially for weddings, garden parties, and other special events.

Choose flower hair clips in a pack of two to create a symmetrical look, or select a larger design if you’re looking to make a statement.

If you can’t choose between a clip or hair tie design, there are hair flowers available which incorporate both of these features, so you can use it for a whole range of hairstyles in a way that suits you.

Although hair flowers may seem like a spring or summer accessory, there are plenty of designs that look great throughout the autumn and winter months too.

Try experimenting with different colours to create seasonal looks, such as pink, yellow, or teal for summer, and black, brown, or red for the colder months, as hair flowers really are great option for adding a bit of life to a winter outfit.

By adding hair flowers to your wardrobe, you can be sure that you always have a fun and feminine hair accessory to hand that is easy to wear and is guaranteed to make a stylish statement regardless of the season.