Style my Outfit with Statement Rings

Nothing adds glamour to an outfit like statement rings, and whether you are dressed up or down, this is a piece of jewellery that complements any outfit and demands attention regardless of whether you’re in the office or at a bar.

Also known as ‘cocktail rings’, statement rings were first worn in the 1920s when women were beginning to be given more freedom with what they wore and how they acted.

Perfectly paired with flapper style outfits, statement rings were worn to draw attention to the hand holding a cocktail in underground drink parties at a time when alcohol had been banned, as a sign of defiance and independence.

Nowadays, statement rings are a staple piece in any jewellery box, as they offer instant sparkle without making too much effort, and you don’t have to stop at wearing just one.

By choosing colours that complement each other, people have been known to wear a statement ring on almost every finger, and although this may be overwhelming for many people, it does prove that it is perfectly acceptable to wear a couple at once.

Statement rings come in a wide variety of shapes, colours, and designs, with animal themed rings being very popular, especially snakes, birds, and dragons, which are timeless fashion trends that you can be confident in wearing for many years.

You can also choose from some fantastic, quirky statement rings which feature animals that you may not usually associate with jewellery, such as frogs and ladybirds, but what better way to make a statement than with something a little bit unexpected?

For an edgier look, a skull statement rings are perfect if you want to add a darker side to your style, or an oversized flower ring is perfect for days when you want to introduce a feminine touch to your outfit. Or, wear these two styles together to create a strong and fabulous contrast.

For double the statement you could try a ‘double ring’ which have two bands so they sit across two fingers instead of just one. There are also statement rings which are wider than average which can give the illusion that they are being worn across more than one finger, but there is only one band that you need to wear.

To make the ultimate statement, a ring with tassels or chains is sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees you, and it is bound to be the main focus of what you are wearing. This is perfect for when you want to add some glamour to a casual outfit, or are looking to complement simple jewellery on a night out.

No matter which statement ring you choose, or if you decide to mix and match a few of your favourites, you are sure to create a unique and eye-catching look for yourself, with the number one accessory for adding glamour to, and dressing up, any outfit.