Why we love costume jewellery

Here at Style My Outfit it is no secret that we love a wide variety of different jewellery pieces. Whether it is hair accessories, fascinators, rings or necklaces, our website has them all. We boast a wide variety of styles that you can choose from to co-ordinate with the different outfits that you may have, however, one of the most popular that we have on offer has to be our costume jewellery.

But what is costume jewellery and why do we love it?

What is costume jewellery?

When it comes to costume jewellery, one thing that surprises plenty of people is just how beautiful and expensive it can look. However, if you compare costume jewellery to fine jewellery you can see that it is the lower cost, but still as pretty cousin.

Costume jewellery is often made from metals other than gold and silver. Cooper and Nickel are two of the most popular.

These are then given a coating to make them appear just like gold and silver and sometimes it can be hard to tell, until the coating wears off of course.

Another thing to remember about costume jewellery is that the stones within it are less likely to be precious then in fine jewellery. A lot of them will be replicas of popular items such as emerald, ruby or sapphire, as well as the ever popular diamond.

Why we love it!

So, considering it isn’t as valuable as fine jewellery, what makes us love costume jewellery? Well the first thing that we love about it is that it allows you to look great, without emptying your bank balance. Particularly at a fleeting glance or perhaps even not, costume jewellery can look just as expensive as fine jewellery and this means that you can impress people, without having to tell them just how much it really cost.

Not only this, but costume jewellery comes in so many bold designs and colours, that you are always going to find the ideal piece to match to your outfit. Not only in style, but also in the metal that is used to make the piece of jewellery as well as the stone that features in it.

We think that costume jewellery is ideal for all occasions, whilst it is pretty enough to be worn at a formal event, you are also going to feel comfortable wearing it for a casual event too. That is the beauty of such a great piece of jewellery, versatility.

These are just some of the reasons why we love costume jewellery, and we are sure if you took the time to see some of the great pieces that we have on our website, you will fall in love too. So why not pay us a visit at Style My Outfit? You may find that we have just the finishing touch that you need to take your outfit from beige to beautiful.



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